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Length: 54 "
Height: 18 "
Weight: 13.5 lb.
Main Blade Size: 710-720 mm
Tail Blade Size: 102 mm
Gear Ratio: 9:1:4:67
Motor: Wren MW 44 Heli

Bergen Tazer

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1045T 44 MAGNUM TURBINE Helicopter Prebuilt test flown $6,150.00 Add

    The Bergen R/C Helicopters Intrepid 44 Magnum is our latest design, combining our Intrepid Magnum 90 and Wren's latest Turbine engine for Heli's, the 44 Turbine Heli, into one of the most exciting prospects for ultimate 3D Turbine action.

The Wren 44 Turbine Heli comes preassembled and test run from the Wren factory, in a beautiful Turbine package that is truly a work of art.  It's almost a shame to hide this engine inside a set of mechanics and a canopy, so we've designed a unique airframe to show off this engineering marvel.


Yes, the Turbine is facing to the rear!!  Most 90 or 700 sized heli's have the engine head toward the front of the heli.  This is usually necessary for CG purposes.  With the length and weight of the Wren 44, facing the engine to the front presents an extreme nose heavy condition that would require weight added to the tail.  Definitely NOT acceptable for a heli intended for 3D style aerobatics.


A rear facing engine provides not only proper CG, but also protection for the Turbine in the event of a sudden meeting with Mother Earth.  The engine is visible inside that airframe and not hiding inside a canopy. Inspections and minor maintenance like replacing the starter is a cinch.

The airframe is made from G10, as are all of our models, and available in black as well as the Stunningly visible Orange that you see here.  We also offer other options for color like the landing gear, paddles and Tail blades that are from KBDD, and for a limited time, fasteners (meaning all the metric bolts on the heli) are available in silver (actually Zinc Plated! :) ) The canopy is fibreglass and can be sent to your favorite Painter pior to delivery of your heli.


The 44 Magnum comes with our standard all metal rotor head and blade grips, TT tail and all metal open style tail gearbox. 

This is not a "conversion" of any kind, using parts from here or there, nor any kind of handmade in someone's garage project, this is a complete, factory designed kit, with the full backing and customer support of Bergen R/C Helicopters.  If and when you need parts and support, next week, next month, or next YEAR, we'll be here.

The model price does NOT include; Main rotor blades, UAT or Bubble trap, or any radio gear of any kind, including batteries to power the radio gear. The Wren 44 engine DOES come with it's own battery to power the ECU, Starter, and Fuel pump.

The manual for this model can be seen here .

Initial test flight video can be seen on Bergenrc's youtube at bergenrcyoutube .

Video of some aerobatic testing and power settings can be seen here, 44 Magnum 4th flight. 

44 Magnum Flight Test #2

 44 Magnum Flight Test #3


At IRCHA 2010, we had a great number of 44 Magnums present, and probably the largest gathering of Turbines in one spot, we spotlighted this with a MULTI heli gathering at center stage on Thursday afternoon,  helifreakturbinevid .

Thanks to Helifreak, Will James, and Finless Bob for the video!


With our new business model, we no longer offer our aircraft as kits, only as Prebuilt test flown aircraft.  As such we will require radio gear to complete your 44 Magnum.  We can purchase your favorite gear, servos, FBL controller, batteries, blades, UAT, etc, or you are welcome to send it or have it sent to us to install in your model.  The New Price shown reflects the Building fee included in it.



The total cost of all heli radio gear and camera mount radio gear to be purchased must accompany the initial order.  Building and Test Flight requires a non-reimbursable $1000 payment at time of order.  The remaining balance plus shipping and handling fees are due at time of shipment.





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